American, Delta, Southwest and United all fly to Belize International.

GETTING TO SAN PEDRO – The best way, in my opinion, is to take the 17 minute flight with Tropic Air.  The flight is quick and quite scenic as the plane flies at approximately 1,500 feet.  The cost is approximately $80.00 each way.  Our management will have you met at the airport and transport you to Seascape.

Everybody gets around via golf cart on the island.  The golf carts are fun to drive and are gas, not electric.  Though there are bikes at Seascape and a scheduled water taxi (like a bus), golf carts give you much more flexibility.  We are proud to provide Road Runner golf carts – the best in San Pedro. Management will arrange them for you and have the cart/carts delivered to Seascape and, best of all, at a hefty discount over standard rates. There are 6-seat golf carts available BUT I have a strong recommendation. 6-seat golf carts cost almost 2X more than a standard 4-seat cart and they are harder to park downtown. If there are 5 or 6 adults, treat yourself to TWO carts. It never fails; one couple will want to sleep a little later or use the pool and meet you a little later or come back to the villa for a nap.

DO NOT bring liquor to the island; it is not necessary.  When you arrive at Belize International, there is a duty-free shop 20 feet away from the luggage carousel.  EACH ADULT is allowed 4 liters. (4 one liter bottles)  The prices are very reasonable so there is no need to pack stuff at home.

The Belize dollar is fixed at $2.00 for every U.S. dollar.  Everything is quoted in Belize dollars unless otherwise noted.  There is NO NEED to exchange currency before arrival.  The U.S. dollar is not an issue.  Pay for everything with U.S. dollars or credit card: change will be in Belize dollars.  This is a very “user friendly” country.

This is VERY important regardless of whom you book with.  If you don’t already know, call a couple of your credit card companies and ask what percentage they charge for foreign transactions.

As an example:  My Costco card (VISA) charges 3%..  My USAA card is also VISA and charges ZERO percent fee.  My American Airlines MasterCard also charges 0% fee.  Make sure you have a 0% card and save yourself hundreds of dollars on your vacation.

English is the spoken language – feel right at home.

Regular 110/120 volts and STANDARD plugs and receptacles

HEADS UP:  Be aware if both parents are not traveling with the minor, you will need a notarized letter from the other parent allowing you to take the minor out of the United States and into Belize.
If you have any questions about this, please check with your airline carrier.

I highly recommend that you purchase Travel Insurance for your Belize Adventure whether you book with us or not. I use “TRAVELEX” and that is a highly rated company: I checked.  Yes, the policy covers tons of stuff BUT we use it because of our age.  If I needed to be flown out of there in a medical plane with a Doctor and a nurse on board, they will pay up to $500,000 for just that one item.